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Facility Services

The ancillary services of ShanghaiMart currently include catering, banks, post office, package delivery, travel tickets, and 24 hour convenience stores, and they are dotted in the mart of more than 8000 square meters. As for catering, there are various choices of Chinese, Western or Japanese cuisines. The settled brands include……and so on, and ……is about to open... As for business services, ……are already set in function to facilitate the international and domestic demand for the financial settlement and delivery of packages of all kinds of customers. We are committed to providing high quality and convenient one-stop services for tenants. Welcome to settle your brand or company in the mart.

Major Brands and Contact Information

Tenant Location Contact
JiaYouHaoMian South lobby on the 1st floor 62360037
JiZhiZong South lobby on the 1st floor 62363880
Subway South lobby on the 2nd floor 52797399
Aroma Caffe South lobby on the 2nd floor 52122217
Family Mart Office building lobby on the 2nd floor 62360373
Flower Restaurant B1 62360537
Tenant Location Contact
JUMP360 North lobby on the 4th floor 13910131177
ICBC Office building lobby on the 1st floor 62360198
China Post South hall on the 1st floor 13371967530
EMS B1 18918382895
Fornet laundry B1 62360070
洗车 B2 17621282259

Customer Service Hotline: 8621-62360000

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